660 valve clearances, no worries!

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660 valve clearances, no worries!

Postby breakwellmz » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:08 pm

I eventually got around to checking my valve clearances which were looong overdue to be done (14,000 miles on the clock :oops: ) and was surprised how straightforward and rewarding it was!

Plug out-I use a proper Stanley 18mm plug spanner (3/8" drive) with a standard flex-joint and ratchet drive.A short bit of suitable size rubber tube helps get the loosened plug in and out.

I took the head steadies off on both sides of the frame and drained the rads via the bottom drain bolt on the water pump.(The coolant needed changing after being in there since 2003 i thought!)

Three bolts secure each rad and only the lower hoses needed removing for the rads to be swung up out of the way.

The crank end nut was accessed via the large screw off centre on the LH engine case and a viewing window to find TDC via a slot screw fastening above it.

My exhaust valves were spot on at 0.006" but my inlets had NO clearance!

The locking nuts were undone with a standard cranked 10mm spanner and the adjustment done with a pair of narrow nosed pliers, so no special tools needed!
(Note-the two LH inlet rockers are linked so one has to be backed off before the first is adjusted)

As i say, pleasantly surprised how easy it all was. :D
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